Performance of local wireless networking

Ahmad Al-Ahmad, Ibraheem Ahmaro, Malik Mustafa


With the rise of popularity of wireless local
area networks (WLANs) has come an
increased need for effective capacity of realworld WLANs and their applications. So This
paper presenting about the Wireless networks
which became more complex and in danger
than their wired counterpart. besides, the
interaction of different layers and
technologies create challenging situations that
cannot be foreseen during the design and
testing stages of technology development. It is
therefore important to perform comprehensive
empirical studies in a wide range of
production environments to uncover
deficiencies and identify possible
optimizations and extensions. The
accessibility of high-quality measurement and
modeling studies would make it possible to
develop wireless networks that are more
strong, easier to manage and scale, and able to
utilize scarce resources more efficiently.

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