Educational Coursework: 2D Animation

Ahmad Al-Ahmad, Ibraheem Ahmaro, Malik Mustafa


This proposal explain about project background of
the 2D animation and describe how animator working
for developing the 2D animation. To animate means to
bring to life and communicate feelings through
storytelling. Telling a story that communicates
emotions to an audience involves deep thinking,
creativity and reflection. The simplest animation is
usually the most effective and often takes detailed
planning and creativity. In short, the storyline of our
proposed project is entitled “the story of Prophet Musa
PBUH”. Nowadays there are many software and
multimedia projects useful for children in different age
in order to improve their knowledge and learning.
Moreover, there are few Multimedia animation
products which focus on the Islamic prospective of
learning and teaching Muslim youth the real story about
prophets and Islamic heritage. As a result "the story of
Prophet Musa PBUH" is aimed to produce an Islamic
animated story with a high level of Islamic teaching.

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